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  • What are the powers to drive a light quadricycle?

In order to drive a vehicle for the L6E category, you need an AM driving licence (or moped card from the age of 14), while a category B1 licence (from 16 years of age) is required to drive the vehicle to the L7E category.


  • What is the difference between L6E and L7E?

Category L6E:

-required category: AM (possibility from 14 years of age)

-maximum power: 4 kw

-maximum unlad weight: 350 kg

-maximum number of seats: 2


Category L7E:

-category required: B1 (possibility from 16 years of age)

-maximum power: 15 kw

-maximum unlad weight: 400 kg

-maximum number of seats: 4


The age of 18 does not entitle vehicles to the above categories.


  • What is the maximum permissible speed?

L6E vehicles: 45 km/h

L7E vehicles: 100 km/h


  • What if the car is moving too fast?

If the vehicle is moving too fast, the driver may be fined and sent to a diagnostic station for a technical inspection.


  • What if the car is moving too slowly?

First, check the condition of the drive belt and whether it is too short. If the width of the strap is less than 2.7 cm, it should be replaced. It is also worth checking that the drive train is working properly.


  • The police took my evidence for speeding, what's next?

Vehicles for categories L6E and L7E have specified permissible speeds. If they move too fast, it is likely that the drivetrain has been modified, which has increased the top speed. The drive train must then be restored to its initial state and then go to the diagnostic station for a technical inspection.


  • How often do we replace engine oil?

Engine oil in all vehicles should be replaced every 10,000 kilometres. You will find it on our website.


  • When should I replace my timing?

The timing should be replaced every 40,000 kilometres (for vehicles with Lombardini). You will find it on our site.


  • Spare part or original part?

Spare and original parts differ primarily in who they were produced by. Spare parts are produced by independent parts manufacturers along the lines of the original parts, which does not mean that they are inferior. They are always made of the same material as the original ones. All spare parts sold by us are checked in advance in terms of quality and strength.